Fresno youth group supports Gov. Newsom’s proposed tax on oil companies

Photo by Sophie Abrea

On Monday, Nov. 28, a group of young people with California Youth vs Big Oil gathered together in Fresno, California at the Chevron on the corner of Spruce and Blackstone to strike against the gas industries.

Earlier this year, Governor Gavin Newsom called for a windfall tax on oil companies that have profited enormously from increased gas prices, even though the price of crude oil had decreased. The proposed tax will enforce an increase in yearly earning taxes for these oil companies that will directly go back to taxpayers.

Newsom called for a special meeting with the state Legislature this month to discuss the proposed tax.

With the uproar over this possible tax, climate justice groups all over California are gathering together to support this effort by Newsom. A global climate movement group within Fresno called Fridays For Future joined this statewide strike.

Loud and proud for everyone to hear, they chanted, “No more coal, no more oil, keep the carbon in the soil!”

These young people with Fridays For Future want to create a change in their environment and make others aware of the effects of climate change. “Climate change is here, it’s happening now, and its effects are affecting frontline communities the most,” said 16-year-old Sabal Dangi.

Kyrollos Youssef, 16, agreed and said we need to protect the only world we have. “The Earth is reaching its limit. It is now or never to reverse damages on the Earth’s climate.”

“This tax has the ability to bring California one step closer towards a fossil free future,” said Dangi. “This will help lessen the impacts of climate change here in the Central Valley.”

Fridays For Future is encouraging folks to make their voices be heard, and to call Gov. Newsom’s office to help demand this tax, especially as legislative leaders prepare to meet to discuss this potential tax.

You do not have to live somewhere special to make a difference,” Dangi continued. “By joining together as a community, I hope this shows people that anyone with a voice can speak out no matter where they live or who they are. We are able to unite together and fight for our own future.”

Alexis Zuniga (she/her/hers)

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