Abigail Luna (she/her)
Youth Reporter
Alexis Zuniga (she/her)
Youth Reporter | 20 years old. An artist of all mediums majoring in graphic design at Fresno state. With a passion for photography and a love for adventure. I’m that one friend that is down to do anything at any moment.
Ashens Limon (he/him)
Youth Reporter
Austin Osuna (he/him)
Youth Reporter | I write articles about topics I’m passionate about. My overall goal is to make sure the voice of my community is heard. My biggest achievement right now would be the girls group Boys World replying to one of my comments.
Esmeralda Luna (they/them)
Youth Reporter | A 23 year old beauty enthusiast born and raised in the Central Valley.
Ifeanyi Nwonye (she/her)
Social Media & Production Intern
Isabel Ibarra (she/her)
Youth Reporter
Ishan Singh (he/him)
Youth Reporter
Iván V. Manríquez (he/him)
Youth Reporter
Kiera Kaiser (she/her)
Youth Reporter | I write about issues relevant to my community. I love swimming and eating vegetarian food.
Kimiya Attar (she/they)
Youth Reporter
Lauren Webb (she/her)
Youth Reporter
Lorena Bernal (she/her)
Youth Reporter
Marcos Chavez (he/him)
Reporter | Future educator and proud Palestinian-Mexican American, computer nerd, and general jack-of-all trades.
Maria Torres (she/her)
Youth Reporter | Graphic Designer and Artist, currently attending Fresno City College. Her favorite childhood movie is Lilo & Stitch and she LOVES Stitch! ♥️
Maria Vargas (she/her)
Youth Reporter | I love finding ways to be able to help my community and solve its issues. I also enjoy reading and researching different topics.
Melissa Andrade (she/her)
Youth Reporter | 18, attending UC Santa Cruz. She loves painting, sand volleyball, collecting hoodies, singing in the shower, and has a passion for saving the environment. Although she is only 5’0”, Melissa’s short legs are incredibly fast when it comes to being first in line for Shawn Mendes concert tickets.
Michael Yamamura (he/him)
Youth Reporter, Writer | My current goal is to help my community however I can and help bring attention to issues challenging it. My biggest achievement at the moment is guessing less than six miles off on geoguessr. 😉
Michelle Gonzalez (she/her)
Youth Reporter
Nancy Aguilar-Aquino (she/her)
Youth Reporter | I love to help my community and do creative works.
Paola Calderon (she/her)
Youth Reporter
Rocky Walker (he/him)
Youth Reporter | Specializing in Interviewing, Photography, Video Making, Graphic Design, and general media editing
Ruben Diaz (he/him)
Youth Reporter | Just your friendly neighborhood vegetarian doing artsy stuff.
Ulonia Garza (she/her)
Youth Reporter
Zofia Trexler (she/her)
Youth Reporter


Angel Vargas (she/her)
Annabelle Rivas (she/her)
Aqeela Starks (she/her)
Brian Gutierrez (he/him)
Bryanna Rivas (she/her)
Danyeal Escobar (she/her)
Enrique Little (he/him)
Eric Escareno (he/him)
Gabriel Cortez (he/him)
Gabrielle Rivas (she/her)
Izzy Rodriguez (she/her)
Jane Carretero (she/her)
Jarrett Ramones (he/him)
Leo Loera (he/him)
Maya Vannini (she/her)
Michael Garcia (he/him)
Miguel Bibanco (he/him)
Nick Doris (he/him)
Patrick Antunez (he/him)
Peekay Gill (she/her)
Raymart Catacutan (he/him)
Ricardo A. Reyna (he/him)
Valeria Rodriguez Pedroza (she/her)
Zyanna Maynard (she/her)