Photos by Jarrett M. Ramones.

FRESNO, Calif.,– On Saturday November 19, community members gathered to protest the election of Donald Trump and the culture of hate many believe surrounded his campaign.

Two women's reactions to the North Fresno protests.
Two women’s reactions to the North Fresno protests.

At the intersection of Blackstone and Nees the community gathered to stand in solidarity with marginalized groups and to demonstrate their willingness to fight for their friends and family. As part of the demonstration’s itinerary, there was a short march followed by speakers providing testimony and highlighting the importance of the day’s events.




“I am here today because because I needed a space with people that are like minded, that are angry with the results of the election and that are ready to fight on the frontlines on behalf of our communities. The reason that we’re here (in North Fresno) is that a lot of people that either live or come to North Fresno are Trump supporters; white folks that voted for him. The idea is to make them uncomfortable, just like they make us uncomfortable every single day of our lives, every single second of our lives. Ever since he got elected we’ve felt those looks and stares. The idea is to disrupt business, make them feel how we feel every day. That’s why it’s so important to be here.” -Grisanti Valencia, age 26




“When we’re apart and divided we’re a minority. When we stand together we’re a majority.” -Zoyer Zyndel, Trans Activist age 30






“Out of touch people are currently running things and this is our way of saying you haven’t won yet motherfucker.” -Anthony, age 25
“Out of touch people are currently running things and this is our way of saying ‘you haven’t won yet motherfucker.’” -Anthony, age 25



Miguel Bibanco (he/him/his) on Twitter
Miguel Bibanco (he/him/his)
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Jarrett Ramones (he/him/his)
WHO IS HE? Jarrett M. Ramones is a multimedia artist based in Fresno, California. He graduated from Fresno State with a BA in Media Communications and Journalism. Jarrett is the Art Director and principal Photographer for The kNOw Youth Media.

His goal is to push the narrative of his community to as large of an audience as possible – to share the stories of the underrepresented and otherwise unheard.

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