Day in the life: Moving out- Dream or Nightmare?

Moving out: Dream or Nightmare?

Most of the time I can’t wait to move out of my parent’s house and be on my own. I want to move out because I want to be independent, to have my own life, so I’m not living with my parents forever. When I leave I’ll be able to do what I want and not have to answer to somebody all the time. I know that just because I want it doesn’t mean it’ll happen. I know that for this to even be a small possibility of this happening I’ll need to get a job. I also know that with the economy being in the condition it is, getting a job anywhere will be a difficult task. Even if I do manage to get a job, getting an apartment that’s in my price range will be difficult if not impossible, so I’ll probably have to get a roommate.

I am aware that when I do finally move out I’ll lose certain luxuries. For example, I’ll have to start finding my own form of transportation, which chances are it’s going to cost me money. I’ll have to start buying groceries and cooking for myself, which I’ve never done before. I’ll have to get my own insurance, which no doubt is going to make my wallet a lot lighter than it already will be.

I am also aware that the process of moving in itself will be a difficult task. For one thing I’ll have to figure out what I’ll be taking with me to my new place, which is probably going to be pretty small, and what I’m going to get rid of. After I sort that out I’ll need to figure out how I’m getting the things that are going with me to the my new place.

Another thing I have to take into consideration is school. My hope is to move out after I graduate from high school, however I’m also hoping to start college after high school. I have considered taking a year off from school after I graduated to maybe look for a job and start saving money and to figure out what it is I really want to do with my life, but I have been told by some people that that may not be a very wise decision. I’m not completely sure how exactly I’m going to balance school and a job. I’ve never really had to do that since I’m not and in any sports and I don’t really work. I haven’t gained any experience.

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