Relationships 101: The Power of Friendship

Part 1: The Power of Friendship

[box_dark]In Part 1 of a three-part series on relationships, a few writers talk about the power of friendship through the years, finding a friend in the opposite sex, and friends who help break down walls. Part 2 is on love – everything from the good to the bad. Part 3 focuses on the strengths of family and overcoming abuse.[/box_dark]

Finding My “Twin”
My closest relationship would have to be with my best friend of eight years, Quenette. I believe we work so well together because we are like twins. We act, talk, and even look alike. I believe we’ve been friends for so long because we are like the same person in two different bodies. That helped us understand each other and trust me, it’s not easy to completely understand someone. I believe we have a relationship that is like no other. Sometimes I believe we share one set of eyes. If we are walking down the street, we’ll notice the same thing at the same moment, and look at each other and laugh. No words even needed.

We’ve been around each other so long that we have our own language. Sometimes I can look at an object and she’ll pick it up and hand it to me. We can be in the middle of a conversation and I will have something in my mouth. I’ll mumble some words and she’ll answer my question.

Not to mention the twin thing. We’ll walk into a store together and people will actually ask if we are twins. At first we thought it was funny but after it kept happening, we thought, “wow” we have been together for too long! Yes, we have our times when we fight but I believe that’s always healthy. But no matter what, she’s my best friend/sister/everything else. I feel lucky to have found my “twin.”
-Patrice, 17


A “Girl”-Friend
One of the strongest relationships I have had as a guy actually involved a girl who I was not dating. She was a girl that was a friend. Being friends with this girl actually open my eyes to the things I wanted/did not want in a relationship. I’ve learned that it’s going to take trust because if I commit to something and don’t follow through, it tells the other person I can’t hold up my end.

In this relationship with this “girl”-friend, I have learned to help someone, or if there is a bad decision I have to make, I know how to counteract it with the next decisions that are good ones.

I have been in some ugly situations and she has been there. It sometimes is weird talking to her because she’s not a brother, but she’s still down to earth with her thoughts and actions. Sometimes I hide certain skills or talents I have, but she doesn’t let that happen. She helps me bring out those skills. It is awkward having a girl as a close friend, but when you find a girl who doesn’t gossip, say vulgar things, or put you down, it makes you feel like “wow.” It opens your eyes.

There have been some times when she and I haven’t seen eye to eye on some things but we are so determined that we resolve it after about an hour. There are some things that remain unanswered but we still are friends. We have each other’s backs. I keep in mind she’s a girl, and it helps me appreciate life and the people I come into contact with.
-Jesse, 17


Breaking Down My Walls
One of my strongest friendships is with my friend Katelyn. I figured that out yesterday when I got into a conversation I wouldn’t really talk about. It took yesterday for me to realize that I’m really open with her. Usually I wouldn’t let anyone know what’s going on in my mind and I build walls to block everyone out. Somehow with Katelyn, I’m very comfortable and I know she’ll be honest with me. At times I don’t understand her behavior, but it doesn’t break our bond.
-Victoria, 16


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