What We Think of the General Plan Alternatives

This image of Otay Ranch in Chula Vista, Calif. was shown to the Fresno City Council as an example of a “complete neighborhood.”

On April 5, Fresno City Council heard alternatives to the 2035 General Plan. They decided to wait until April 19 to make their final decision on Fresno’s plan, and during that time, we’ve been discussing which alternative we think is best: Alternative A.


When I heard about the City Council wanting to make some changes to Fresno, I thought, “Ok, well that’s good, right?”

I mean, change is good, but then I found out there are several options for the new General Plan. The ones that are getting the most attention are Alternatives A and E. Plan A is basically just fixing what is already here, and Plan E is going further out into farm land and building houses there.

I think Alternative A is better for many reasons.

Why would we waste the space that is already here in Fresno and not use it, especially if it’s an abandoned place that is just sitting there, doing nothing but looking ugly?

The farm land Alternative E plans to expand on could be used to grow fruits and vegetables instead of houses. When I walk or drive by streets that are in the downtown area, I see a lot of empty lots and buildings that no one is using. I don’t think ignoring them and going further out into farmland is going to help this problem. I feel like people are just lazy and don’t want to use these places. Instead, they plan to use new land. If that happens, what will become of the land here in Fresno that is already put to use? It will start to look even more run down.

I was born here and I will probably die here, but I wouldn’t want Fresno to die as well. I want this city to be even better for future generations.


It was interesting that some homebuilders supported Alternative A. They were considerate enough to not only think about getting their pockets full, but yet maybe it is because they do have enough money and want to start being conservative about land use. Or maybe it is that they have had a change of heart from past experiences.An ideal neighborhood would probably be like North Fresno and Clovis. Since it is always clean and safe. You can have people at night jogging by themselves because they feel secure about their neighborhood. Also, I would like nearby shopping centers that I can get to in a short distance. Many people in Fresno have limited sources and places to get food at a reasonable price. Maybe it might even be like a Walmart or Target. People don’t like driving ten miles just to get to a Walmart.

A safe recreational park would be necessary also. Since a park would give children a place to exercise and have fun. This can take away time for them to go do anything bad. The park must be in a safe place and shouldn’t be a hot spot of violence and drugs like some parks in Fresno.

I agree with Alternative A. I’ve seen that there has been urban sprawl and many houses are built around the outside of Fresno. It’s not helping itself, except for making it look richer.I live in West/Central Fresno. I think helping develop what we already have would be a great investment. It’s what the people would love to see happen. It’s such a hassle to drive to Riverpark when it’s on the other side of town. It’ll be nice to have a “Riverpark” near West/Central Fresno. Expanding by building urban homes won’t help much. Improving Fresno itself at the core, then expanding out would be awesome.

I would like for Alternative A to work out because it seems more reasonable. It will keep the city more active with each other instead of separating residents.

Also, it will improve our neighborhoods that need work. Fixing sidewalks seems more reasonable than building new houses on Fresno’s outskirts.

Even though I just moved to another part of town, I would love to visit my old neighborhood and see changes. My old neighborhood wasn’t the worst, but it could definitely be better. Fencing and new building and remodeling would be great.

I hope that the City Council goes with Option A, so that we as a community can grow stronger.


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