so that one day

a hundred years from now

another sister will not have to

dry her tears wondering

where in history

she lost her voice.

jasmin kaur

This poem can perfectly sum up the intent and meaning behind the Women’s March this year. In Fresno, individuals from all walks of life came together under a deep blue sky, carrying signs that painted the past few years this country has been through. Big, bold words written on posters spelled out “#metoo” or “#riseupasone.” If you looked to your right, you might see a woman wearing a pink hat, holding a sign that read “recognize the human race as one.” Or if you looked to your left, you might see a man, with his hands held high, carrying a sign saying, “men of quality will not fear equality.” Surrounded by such positivity, strength, and compassion, it was evident that no matter who we were, where we came from or what we believed in, we stood on a common ground and hoped the same hope: the wellbeing of humanity and this earth.  Fresno’s Women’s March brought together values, hopes and people, and it helped 2018 start off on a strong foot, one that will hopefully march its way to equality and peace.

Peekay Gill (she/her/hers)

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