Photos by Jarrett M. Ramones.

For the last week,, a grassroots space for conscious cultural workers, movement builders, entrepreneurs, and artists, opened their doors to the community to create banners and signs in preparation for the Trump administrations inauguration Friday morning.

The banner-making and protests reflect’s desire to show that their is a presence of resistance in the Central Valley. Lilia Becerril, who joined Wednesday evening, said she came out to show that our community has strength when it is united.

“We’ve faced enough racism as undocumented people and we’ve had enough. We can’t keep doing the same thing. It’s not right. What are we going to leave our children? What will their future be? Right now we are working hard so that president elect Trump will notice that the community has strength when it comes together, that we are the voice of the people and he won’t be able to dive us easily when we come together,” said Becerril.

Mayahuel Garcia, 17, a member of Californians For Justice (CFJ), also joined the artists at to protest Donald Trump, specifically education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos. Garcia says DeVos poses a real threat to schools and the students CFJ works for.

See and hear more from and the community members who made banners below:

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Miguel Bibanco (he/him/his) on Twitter
Miguel Bibanco (he/him/his)
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Jarrett Ramones (he/him/his)
WHO IS HE? Jarrett M. Ramones is a multimedia artist based in Fresno, California. He graduated from Fresno State with a BA in Media Communications and Journalism. Jarrett is the Art Director and principal Photographer for The kNOw Youth Media.

His goal is to push the narrative of his community to as large of an audience as possible – to share the stories of the underrepresented and otherwise unheard.

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FEATURED AREA: Art Director and Photographer.
Kody Stoebig (she/her/hers)
Kody Stoebig is the Program Manager & Editor with The kNOw Youth Media, a program dedicated to giving young people the tools they need to tell their stories and the stories of their communities. With a passion for personal narratives and youth voice, Kody leads the youth reporters of The kNOw in creating passionate and crucial change throughout Fresno.

Kody graduated with a degree in Communication: Media and Film from Fresno Pacific University and was a part of the inaugural Fusion Rise Up: Be Heard fellowship program in 2016.

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