Local Organizers and Media Convene to Get Word Out on Prop. 47

FRESNO– On Tuesday, October 28, New America Media hosted an intimate discussion at The kNOw Youth Media office in Fresno, about Proposition 47 that brought together local community organizers and faith leaders, members of the local Hmong news media and the Fresno State University newspaper, The Collegian.  The event provided an opportunity for the media to learn about the California ballot measure that would reduce prison sentences for certain non-violent felonies by reclassifying them as misdemeanors.

Tim Haydock (he/him/his)
After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Communication from Fresno Pacific University and a Master’s in Theology and Film from Fuller Theological Seminary, Tim returned to his hometown community in Fresno. He spent over 5 years teaching courses on media production and theory at Fresno State University and Fresno Pacific University and was the academic advisor for the Fresno Pacific University student newspaper.

Tim joined his passions for storytelling, education and social justice in January, 2014 when he started running The kNOw Youth Media in Fresno. In May of 2016, Tim became Director of YouthWire, where he led four youth media programs across the state. In the two years Tim was director, YouthWire printed over 200,000 newspapers distributed in dailies across the state, sent reporters to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, was featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Fresno Bee, KQED and The New York Times’ Race/Related newsletter, and led storytelling training for over 75 youth from at least 12 different communities in California.

Tim currently serves on the journalism advisory board for Fresno City College and was a New America CA 2017 Fellow, the first from the Central Valley.

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