The Cat House on the Kings: The Best Place To Be A Cat

Photos: Callisto Gutierrez

The Cat House on the Kings is a six-acre sanctuary that’s dedicated primarily to cats. They are a no-cage, no-kill sanctuary for rescued animals. They provide a healthy and safe environment for them until they can find a forever home. They also provide advice and education to others to improve animal safety and dealing with animal behavioral problems. 

The sanctuary was founded in 1997 by Lynea Lattanzio who dedicated her own home and property to unwanted cats and some dogs. She was a surgical veterinary technician, but after retiring, dedicated her time and money to helping unwanted cats. Her story started when she rescued 15 abandoned kittens from a local animal shelter and found a home for 96 cats that same year. 

Lattanzio and the sanctuary do an amazing job of taking care of about 700 cats and kittens. Each one is given vaccinations, is spayed and neutered, and is given medical treatment if needed. Every animal in their sanctuary is available for adoption. The Cat House provides information on affordable low cost for spay and neuter surgery. 

Currently, the sanctuary is going strong. They always take in animals and find a home for them or a nice sanctuary for them to live their life. They have amazing staff and volunteers that help the sanctuary be a loving area for the cats. If you ever want to adopt a cat, I suggest booking a tour with them.

Maria Torres (she/her/hers)

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