Fresno State Considering Transition Back to Online Learning

Recent news about Fresno State possibly returning to online learning after the Thanksgiving break has sparked mixed emotions from students. Many are for this decision, but there is still a large population that disagree.

As a Fresno State student myself, I personally would like to return to online learning due to the stress elevation caused by my classes and the inconvenience of traveling to school.

It has been another challenging adjustment having to return to a classroom. I have realized I comprehend information better and complete my work in a more timely manner from the comfort of my own home with Zoom meetings. I think professors do not waste time with the content they are required to teach because they are not restricted to stay within the time limit of the classroom. This benefits me as a student and allows me to remain focused on my tasks and complete my work sooner.

The time consumed by the preparation of having to attend in-person class reduces the amount I have left to complete my assignments. My commute to Fresno State takes me about 45 minutes every morning and afternoon on a daily basis. This does not include the time spent finding parking or walking to classes. This wasted time could have been spent doing homework. 

I know it has been a challenge for all having to adjust, but it seems like Fresno State isn’t taking the most effective precautions for people concerned about exposure to the virus. I think the essentials for one’s safety like face masks and hand sanitizer should be provided to students. We are required to wear face masks, but none are provided to those who may have forgotten their own. These should be given freely throughout the campus; they should be easy access for students.

Sanitizing stations are placed throughout campus, but some stations are consistently empty as if they are not being refilled. This is upsetting to me because we all use our hands for shared work and these stations are not monitored on a daily or even weekly basis. Universities receive funds to remain open, which I believe should be used for students’ safety, so this should be a priority for Fresno State.

I also feel students should be made aware if their classmates have tested positive for COVID-19. At times, I have noticed a student is attending class through Zoom, but no one is told if they were exposed or not. While I understand that students are entitled to their privacy, especially when it comes to their health, I think it is important to share this information with people who have been around these individuals, especially if the university expects us to continue attending in-person classes.

It is extremely tough to constantly adjust to a lockdown lifestyle and a normal in-person lifestyle. With that said, I would prefer to return to online learning as a college student and it remain that way until COVID-19 is fully under control.

As of now, Fresno State students have received an email notifying us that classes will remain in-person until further notice. This can change any minute and I wonder how long we will remain in-person with positive COVID-19 tests continuing to spike within the community.

Alexis Zuniga (she/her/hers)

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