You might think that the only way to experience the authentic flavors of Oaxaca is to travel to Mexico, but there is actually a small business in Tower District that is bringing those flavors to town.

Pedro Reyes and his wife, Irma Garcia, are the proud and dedicated owners of Los 3 Reyes, a small, family-owned business located at 49 E Olive Ave.

They offer a variety of treats from refreshing raspados and creamy ice cream to thirst-quenching agua frescas with every menu item carefully crafted to offer customers a true taste of Mexico. 

Their journey began during Reyes’ childhood where he learned to make Oaxacan desserts by watching his father and working alongside him.

“We saw how everything was prepared, and we learned little by little,” Reyes recalled. “I never imagined that I would start a business but I thought ‘I already know a little about this,’ so we got the courage and that’s why we have this business.”

Over the past seven years, their business has been a favorite in the community, known for their authentic and delicious Mexican flavors that keep customers coming back for more.

Javier Morales, a regular customer of Los 3 Reyes, said, “I think it’s really important to support small businesses like Los 3 Reyes because not only are we supporting a family but if we didn’t support local businesses, they would suffer financially because of larger chains of businesses.”

Unfortunately, like many other small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted Los 3 Reyes as they worried about paying their rent and experienced a decrease in customers. On top of that, the business was targeted by thieves.

“This was a fear that we went through for two years of the pandemic,” Reyes admitted. “It was a very delicate situation… but here we are.”

Despite the challenges they faced during the pandemic, the Reyes family expressed how they have found their sense of belonging through acceptance from the community.

“The community that surrounds my business are good people, they respond well. Latinos support each other very much,” Reyes said.

In addition to feeling accepted by the community, the Reyes family has also found a sense of belonging by staying connected to their cultural heritage. They not only surround themselves with other members of the Oaxacan community in Fresno but also primarily speak their native dialect of Mixteco.

In supporting Los 3 Reyes, we are not only helping the Reyes family sustain their livelihood and continue to grow but also contributing to the preservation of a business that is a diverse part of our community.

So next time you are in Tower District, stop by Los 3 Reyes for an authentic dessert that transports you to Oaxaca!

Gloria Flores (she/her/hers)

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