There is no doubt that this summer was giving complete girl boss vibes, from the viral pink aesthetic inspired by the Margot Robbie-led Barbie movie to the ranting and raving about Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 

These two iconic figures made history and ground shaking news. Literally. During the Seattle stop of the Eras Tour, Swifties caused seismic activity equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake.

Starting with the doll we all know and possibly had the pleasure to play with during our childhood, Barbie. It was fascinating to see how society embraced this movie and fell in love with its nostalgic presence. 

Although Barbie is generally intended to have a child-like connotation, this film was the complete opposite. The director Greta Gerwig focused on realistic, modern day experiences of patriarchy, feminist views and beliefs, gender inequality, and the struggle of self-esteem.  

When it comes to patriarchy and feminism, it is obviously apparent.

Within the dream world of Barbie Land, women have the power and make the decisions whereas in the real world, it is the opposite. Men have the power and treat women with disrespect which is similar to our own reality. 

The inclusion of monologues within the film was a powerful touch in sharing serious messages. The monologue by the character Gloria, played by America Ferrera, was extremely emotionally and completely relatable as a woman. 

“It is literally impossible to be a woman,” Gloria said.

She describes the constant pressure that women feel to act a certain way and to live how others feel a woman should live. Even in attempts to please others, we seem to do it wrong at times. That our worth comes from what we can provide and how we present ourselves. 

It is said that Barbie has played a role in establishing self-esteem issues for little girls in society. It relates to the idea that Barbie is perfect, beautiful, skinny, and desired by everyone. There was no sense of inclusion for those who looked different from her. Barbie was every girl, and what every girl wanted to be and look like. 

This film visually demonstrates the reality of what women go through. It presents the feminist idea and the fight for women to have the same equalities as men, that reality and life is a challenge, but it has its moments of beauty that should be valued. It expresses the ability to feel is a treasure even when unpleasant.

In the end, the ability to feel sorrow, pain, joy, love, and to create relationships with other people is what makes life so special.

As of today, Barbie has made over $1.03 billion globally.

Competing equally with the limelight, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and her viral bracelet swapping activity is all everyone talked about this summer. 

Ticket sales were off the charts and it is estimated to break $1 billion in revenue for the entire tour as Taylor Swift adds stops in Latin America, Asian-Pacific, and Europe, which would beat the highest record. She also added a second leg in America and Canada.

The best part is she’s using her revenue in generous ways. Throughout the country, she’s been donating a large portion of these funds to food banks. Some of the organizations she partnered with were located in Seattle, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Las Vegas, Tampa Bay, Houston, Colorado, and Santa Clara. 

In addition to this, she provided a $50 million bonus sum that was dispersed to all her staff. Her truck drivers each received an additional $100,000 on top of their salary pay. 

Not only did this concert help Taylor Swift’s career, it was beneficial to retailers and hotels. Swifties all over the world are looking for outfits with the most sequins, cowgirl boots including hats, and accessories to fit the special occasion. 

Her concert has become more than an event, but a viral internet sensation. 

Between the hype of the Barbie movie and the Taylor Swift concert, this summer has definitely been an unforgettable experience for all the girlies.

Alexis Zuniga (she/her/hers)

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