It is with you when your eyes are open,
It is with you when you recognize who you are.

Coming and going with no warning or goodbye, it consumes me,
Makes me shake or shrivel.

I have watched it with the prowess of a lion stalking prey
It is not to be tamed for it is as wild and rebellious as I am.

You ever lay on god’s bathroom floor?

You go from running in your city
To chasing a flickering light
Scared, that the embers will die out before you get your chance.

Then suddenly, you are lying
Knowing you can move and wanting to move
But just can’t seem to move.

It is no longer with you,
You’re eyes are closed
It is no longer with you, it is no longer with you.

Once again,
It’s gone.

Patrick Antunez (he/him/his) on Twitter
Patrick Antunez (he/him/his)

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