Future and New Educators Address Meghan Trainor’s Controversial Comment on Teachers

Michelle Gonzalez

Most teachers are the unspoken heroes of our society. They educate and socialize children so that they can be successful members of society. They play several roles in their profession that sometimes are not even in their contract. They go above and beyond to make sure their students move on to better opportunities.

While teachers practically raise students, they are underappreciated. It is a shared fact that teachers do not get paid well enough to survive solely on that job. Some have a second job in retail, fast food, or gig services like Lyft or DoorDash just to make ends meet.

Not only are they suffering financially, but emotionally too. They have to deal with challenges concerning administrators, children, and parents. It is a draining line of work that requires respect and compassion from everyone.

However, not everyone shares this sentiment. Recently, pop singer Meghan Trainor has come under fire for her comments on the “Workin’ On It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor” podcast where she shared that she would consider homeschooling her children. This conversation came about as the sibling duo talked with guest star Trisha Paytas about recent school shootings, bullying, and her own experiences in school. In a moment of passion, the singer boldly stated, “Fuck Teachers.”

Yes, there is a severe issue of violence in schools, but to say “fuck teachers” is a slap in the face to those who put their lives on the line for their students.

While she mentions this, it is important to acknowledge that homeschooling her children will require hiring a teacher. It is a privilege to homeschool, so instead of bashing teachers, she should be uplifting them, considering they do a lot for children.

Trainor has come out with an apology but as someone with a large platform, it needs to be used for good rather than to spread hate. Teachers are making do with what they are provided. How about Meghan calls out the lack of support for teachers rather than calling out and generalizing all teachers?

I personally believe it was an in-the-moment response that needed to be thought out before being said. As someone who is considering a career in education, it is discouraging when people talk down about a field that ultimately shapes the lives of people. It is a field that is looked down upon, but necessary.

When I heard the comment made by Trainor, I was disappointed that someone with a large platform would encourage negativity towards educators. I believe words like that would discourage people from continuing their career in education or even considering a career in education. Despite these comments, I am still certain I want to have a career in education because it is a field that has blessed me with several opportunities that have led to my personal growth. Overall, people with a large platform need to uplift those who are already being put down.

Ivan Villanueva

The comment that Meghan Trainor made about teachers negatively resonated with me. As someone just entering the education field, I’m aware of and experience the struggle my colleagues and I go through as educators. There are countless sacrifices that we make to not only propel scholars in their academics but as well as support them as individuals who will become the next generation for the world.

Yet, as educators, we uncommonly lack resources of support, are significantly underpaid, and can face disrespect from students at various levels; nowadays, we have to be mentally prepared for shootings that could happen at any given moment. Yet, educators like myself work diligently to build relationships with our scholars, promote positive campus culture, and make every day a safe, comfortable, and memorable experience amid unprecedented uncertainties. 

Even though we educators are aware of underpaid salaries as we are going into education, the aspect of making a positive impact in the lives of the future generation makes it all worth it. I’ve worked with various students who need support in many facets. The fact that I can lighten up their days, and make them excited about learning, all while creating a safe environment, is something that isn’t always easy, but it’s rewarding; so, for Meghan to make a statement that carries a lot of weight, is sad, but not surprising. Unfortunately, teachers always tend to get the rotten hand.

While Meghan has publicly apologized, it doesn’t suffice for me. I hope to see a change in teacher appreciation because teachers need it. 

Michelle Gonzalez (she/her/hers)
Ivan Villanueva (he/him/his)

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