Illustration by Klay Simmons.

What’s my favorite color?

Hmm it’s been a while,

But I’d say Blue,

More than the color,

More than the emotion.

But I really like red,

More than the temperature,

More than the mood.

Perhaps a purple?

But I also fancy green,

More than the feeling,

More than the well being.

Oh yellow is lovely,

More than the sentiment,

More than the riches.

I don’t know,

I guess I just love the rainbow.

Colors, colors, galore,

Who could ask for more?

With its bright and vivid hues,

Of orange, yellow and burgundy too!

Oh, I wish I for a life more colorful,

When I look at the sky all I see are overcast clouds.

For my value lies at zero,

While I feel stuck in shades of darkness,

Waiting for my colorful hero.

Angel Vargas (she/her/hers)

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