There has been many of times I have chose to sit in an alley,
But today felt different,
Brother wind hit me with a chilly warning;
I should have listened.

The conversation was sublime,
Causing my mind to drift away from the world,
Frivolous to its danger;
Vulnerable to evil.

A screech of tire wheels awoken my senses,
Reverse, reverse, reverse,
A question, “What’s in your pockets?”
Still slightly hazy of the mind, I took it as a joke.

Two doors open, again with the same question
Two men with smug expression rushed my friend and I.
My senses heightened, my heart was ready to burst;
I was sitting on my backside, a defenseless position.

Quickly, a smug man was towering me,
Instinct kicked in, I must get up.
I erect myself slightly met by a threat,
“Don’t get up!”

Still I stood my ground,
The smug man must have felt threatened.
He reacted with two swift fists to my face not forgetting to get one in my chest;
I eluded the confrontation.

I had not been aware of anything else besides the fists,
A sort of tunnel vision.
I turn my head slightly,
I see the despair in her posture, a fetal position

He must have felt so strong pointing a black barrel at me,
I hadn’t noticed until I noticed,
But when I noticed;
My whole world stopped.

Wanting to comfort my friend, and not wanting to die
I stood still, frozen and helpless
Instinct commanded me not to make any sudden movements,
As not to further threaten the young smug man.

“Oh so you’re a blood?”
My friend threw her red bandana to the ground,
With the opposite hand of the gun, he picked it up and tossed it back to the ground.
They took our phones and a bag of chips, not our wallets, not our keys, not our lives.

With their blue hoodies, our bag of chips and phones,
The smug men left to the running car,
Followed by them screaming out the window, “What’s your password?!”
We said nothing, we didn’t move, they fled.

Not sure how to feel, I chugged what was left of my beer,
Threw it down the alley,
Hopped on my bike and told my friend,
“Maybe we should leave.”

Patrick Antunez (he/him/his) on Twitter
Patrick Antunez (he/him/his)

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