Editor’s Note: Invisible Population is an ongoing art project by queer person of color (POC) artist, Nataly Barajas, and local POC artist Jennifer Rojas. This project highlights an often forgotten group of Fresno, LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness. Pushing forward the work of Womxn Empowered and The kNOw Youth Media and their #YouthWithoutARoof campaign, which focuses on youth homelessness and creating safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ youth in Fresno, the artists have taken on the task of bringing light to this population through art and advocacy.

The images are displayed in pairs in order to showcase the instability of homelessness by contrasting one vacant image with a 2D interpretation of a youth experiencing homelessness. In the pictures, you will also find important and commonly disregarded facts about homelessness. The artists were intentional in not photographing actual individuals in hopes of being respectful, and to avoid tokenizing anyone in making this project.

Artists Nataly and Jennifer are active members of Womxn Empowered, a youth advocacy and leadership development group at Fresno Barrios Unidos. Please expect to see more of the Invisible Population art project as the series unfolds in the coming months.

Nataly Barajas (they/them/theirs)
WHO ARE THEY? Nataly Barajas is a queer POC artist in Fresno. They are currently attending Fresno City College, and they aim to combine community-based advocacy with art. They like to experiment and play around when creating ideas!

DID YOU KNOW? They can jump higher than a tree...

Because trees can't jump!
Jennifer Rojas (she/her/hers)
WHO IS SHE? Jennifer is a POC artist raised here in Fresno and has a true love for all of the talent and potential here in the Central Valley! She attended Fresno State University where she received a Bachelors in Arts. You can often times find her at rallies, marches, art shows, poetry readings, Rock en Español night, and most often spending time with her siblings and her truest love her puppy Dexter.

DID YOU KNOW? Jennifer has an extensive collection of cool socks!

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