Play With The Kitty: Doja Cat’s “Hot Pink” Album Review

“I wanna get freaky on camera. I love when we get freaky on camera.”

No, that is not a line from an X-rated film. It is the lyrics to “Cyber Sex,” the intro track of the masterpiece album that blended pop, rap, pink bubblegum, and the cherry emoji Twitter that Doja Cat gave the world earlier this month.

Her second studio album Hot Pink was a star-studded, sexy ass record that deserves to be listened to without skipping a track. This record also deserves to be listened to with water nearby because damn, it gets hot… and freaky… and sticky… and wet…? Nonetheless, Doja touches on all things sex-related, yet graces our ears with each note.

If you were a fan of Doja Cat prior to the release of her track “Mooo!,” you’d know that she rides a beat like an equestrian.

Although she has been serving vocals and clever bars since 2014, nothing came close to her flow on her single “Rules.” It’s obvious that this track is the highlight as soon as the first note hits your ears. This noir-esque bad bitch track placed her in a league of her own. She’s not like the other girls of the industry, “bitch, she’s fucking reptilian.” She really goes in on this track with the second verse as she changes her flow several times executing every rhyme with true artistry and creating a killer track to dance to. Who knew describing a private area could sound like a modern and more intellectual Shakespeare?

She even snuck Gucci Mane onto her second album and what did they do? Served us an amazing near three minute track on a crystal pink platter with “Like That.” Making a great team through their flow and presence, this short track is a light trap that will get your head bopping to the rhythm. Also, be sure to listen for Doja’s angelic harmonizing before the beat drops! 

The album continues to give us great pop tracks with near flawless bars, until Doja’s pink brick road brings us to the final tracks of the masterpiece that is Hot Pink. “Shine,” a stellar track included somber chords that quickly pick up as the percussion smacks us in the face and Doja holds us with her autotune and dirty lyrics. It’s like a dream come true, until you wake up, because you realize how much you need to dance.

The mood takes an almost abrupt turn with “Better Than Me.” It’s really a track describing how Doja is the baddest out here in 2019, but, really, is she wrong? You can feel her attitude and ego in this spectacular track, because “swagger is what’s she’s oozing.” This song glides with complimentary notes that truly proves that there may be no one better than her. Lastly, when she sings to you and you begin to feel the goosebumps run up your arm, remember that there is one more track after this one and get ready to get out of your feelings and get ready to put that thang in rotation.

Could “Juicy” featuring Tyga be the best track of 2019? Possibly. It’s a track that bounces it’s way into your mind with a rhythm that jiggles and forces your gluteus maximus to touch the floor. A magnificent remix that praises her backside as if it should be displayed at The Louvre. In fact, it probably should. Not only is this trap pop track sure to get you moving, it’s production and vocal arrangement is truly top-tier. The unorthodox old-school carousel theme music doesn’t seem fit for a song like this, but Doja proves that it does. We all need some juicy self-love like Doja Cat has. Everyone should love their natural booty, beauty, and cellulite, and remember to eat that lunch.

You can dance to any track of this record – it’s a solid addition to any workout playlists, or while doing Zumba or soul cycling. Maybe if you stream this on leg/rear day, you could attain the immaculate thighs of Doja.

Perhaps you hopped on her bandwagon after she released that weird cow song or were there when she began on Soundcloud – either way, if you haven’t streamed Doja Cat’s amazing record, make a plan to listen to it ASAP. 

Ivan Manriquez (he/him/his)

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