“It’s a day to remember what Martin Luther King did for us as a nation…”

[box_dark] On Martin Luther King Day, Fresno BHC and local leaders celebrated Dr.King in continuing to fight for social justice at Downtown Fresno’s march![/box_dark]
The kNOw interviewed Antonio Flores, 18, on what MLK day means to him.
MLK day is coming up. What do you think about it?

I think it’s a day to remember what MLK did for us as a nation, how he brought us all together.

He stopped the separation of blacks and whites,which I think was very effective for this nation. If it didn’t happen I wouldn’t be friends with the people I’m friends with now.

Do you think people appreciate MLK day?

I think there are people who do and who celebrate it. I think there are people who think of it as any other day, a day where you don’t go to work or school. I am positive there are people who celebrate it because they are grateful that he did that. I think eventually it will be forgotten but I think for now people do remember and appreciate it.

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