Youth Reporters


WHO IS HE? This is Ruben, he is a human. He is 17 human years. He goes to Central West High School, an education system school.

DID YOU KNOW? He knows how to code.

FEATURED AREA: Graphic Design & Illustrations.


WHO IS SHE? Maria is an 18 years old and a graduate of Edison High School. She is currently attending Fresno City College. 

DID YOU KNOW? Her favorite childhood movie is Lilo & Stitch and she LOVES Stitch! ♥️

FEATURED AREA: Graphic Design.


WHO IS SHE? Melissa Andrade, 17, is a senior at San Joaquin Memorial High School. She loves painting, sand volleyball, collecting hoodies, singing in the shower and has a passion for saving the environment. She grew up in Los Angeles and is a beach girl at heart.

DID YOU KNOW? Although she is only 5’0”, Melissa’s short legs are incredibly fast when it comes to being first in line for Shawn Mendes concert tickets.



WHO IS HE? Ivan Vicente Manríquez, 17, is a senior at San Joaquin Memorial High School. He loves cats, movies, rugby, Beyoncé, cumbia and swimming. He is bad at math, but at least he can finish a times table sheet in under a minute.

DID YOU KNOW? If he is not watching movies with his cat Missy, he is probably on Twitter.



WHO IS SHE? Zofia, 16, is a senior at Clovis North High School. She enjoys writing, buying pens she doesn’t need, speech and debate, and reading. Zofia believes that, when God was giving out height, she was in the hair line getting seconds.

DID YOU KNOW? Zofia has handcrafted over 100 Spotify playlists named anywhere from “how do i get cowboy paint off a dog .” to simply “huhHHHHHG”

FEATURED AREA: News and Op-Eds

WHO IS SHE? Ulonie Garza, 18, is an Edison High graduate. She’s an aspiring YouTuber and comic book artist and hopes to make her career in that field.

DID YOU KNOW? She has an art YouTube channel where she posts videos weekly: @nerdiversal. 

FEATURED AREA: Graphic Design & Illustrations. 


WHO IS SHE? Izzy Rodriguez, 16, goes to Big Picture High School. Izzy is a music junkie and spends most of her free time on Netflix or Twitter.

DID YOU KNOW? Izzy love Cory Monteith, Dacre Montgomery and Synyster Gates more than she loves herself.



WHO IS HE? Raymart is a Filipino-American citizen who preferred Yeezus over Graduation.

DID YOU KNOW? Raymart is in a boyband, #717.

FEATURED AREA: Music and Entertainment. 


WHO IS SHE? Angel Vargas, 18, is a senior at Edison High School. She is an aspiring filmmaker, writer and possible Math teacher. People believe she’s weird and crazy, but once you get to know her she’s worse. She’s different. 😜✌🏽

DID YOU KNOW? Angel is a big fan of various K-Pop groups. #Army #MyDay #IGot7

FEATURED AREA: Photography & Video.

For more from Angel, you can follow her on Twitter @Angel_Baby14 or on Instagram @Angel_True_Love


WHO IS HE? Patrick Antunez is 21 and listens to punk rock while alone. Patrick is attending Fresno City College and is training to be a broker at a financial firm. He spends his time expressing himself in many different forms. He obsesses over his health and loves individuals who are individualistically unique.

DID YOU KNOW? Tyler Durden is his spirit animal.

FEATURED AREA: Health, Art and Culture.



WHO IS HE? Johnsen Del Rosario, 25, graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in Print Journalism. When he’s not at Target (which is all the time), he used to spend his time watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, until Netflix took it off. #ClearEyesFullHearts. Also, pancakes and coffee.

DID YOU KNOW? He’s Filipino, not Mexican.

FEATURED AREA: Social Media. 


WHO IS SHE? Zyanna is a loud, outspoken poet who has a knack for telling the truth to people who need to hear it. Zyanna is a good noodle.

DID YOU KNOW? Zyanna is a pretty cool potato.

FEATURED AREA: Any dope writing.


WHO IS HE? Jarrett M. Ramones is a multimedia artist based in Fresno, California. He graduated from Fresno State with a BA in Media Communications and Journalism. Jarrett is the Art Director and principal photographer for The kNOw Youth Media. His goal is to push the narrative of his community to as large of an audience as possible – to share the stories of the underrepresented and otherwise unheard.

DID YOU KNOW? Jarrett enjoys horror movies and collects Joker playing cards.

FEATURED AREA: Art Director and Photographer.


WHO IS SHE? 🎓 Danyeal, 17, is graduating from Edison High School this year. She is currently The kNOw’s Social Media Intern and has been published in The Fresno Bee and Community Alliance.

DID YOU KNOW? Danyeal is an expert road trip DJ.

FEATURED AREA: Social Media & Op Eds.


WHO IS HE? Ricardo is a 22 year old community advocate and growing journalist with The kNOw Youth Media. He enjoys making music, eating cereal at 5 p.m. and snapping along to the Addams Family theme song. #Wavy 🌊

“Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.”― Lewis Carroll

DID YOU KNOW? Ricardo makes music and performs locally!

FEATURED AREA: Opinion Editorials, Narrative and Poetry.


WHO IS HE?  Michael Garcia, 18, attends Edison High School. He enjoys going for runs, playing video games and playing around with his Gopro.

DID YOU KNOW? Michael is Native American and knows how to prepare Indian Tacos.

FEATURED AREA: Photography, Video and Social Media.


WHO IS SHE? PeeKay Gill, 22, is a Fresno State Graduate. She graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelors in English Education with an emphasis in Literature. PeeKay is a tiny house enthusiast but, if you really want to know her, just check out her Pinterest. Seriously.

DID YOU KNOW? PeeKay is a vegetarian and has a uniquely curated collection of pins.

FEATURED AREA: Photography.


WHO IS SHE? Esmeralda is 19-years-old and currently attends Fresno City College. Esmeralda has mad love for Fresno, chocolate, fries and coffee. As a proud womyn of color, she wants to empower other youth and help them share their stories.

DID YOU KNOW? Esmeralda raised a swine her sophomore year and placed 3rd in market.

FEATURED AREA: Community Activism. 


WHO IS SHE? Gabrielle Rivas, 21, is a senior at Fresno Pacific University. She is a double major in Communication Studies and Sociology. She enjoys talking about current events, reading news and drinking coffee until the sun goes down. After college, Gabrielle wants to pursue a career in journalism. 📝

DID YOU KNOW? Gabrielle enjoys old episodes of Law & Order S.V.U.



WHO IS HE? Cruz Rodriguez is a heavily opinionated student at Fresno City College who is passionate about artistic expression and values emotional honesty. He is a member of the Fresno Boys and Men of Color and a host on the For the REC. podcast.

DID YOU KNOW? Cruz’s first favorite rapper is Nicki Minaj.



WHO IS SHE? Bryanna Rivas, 17, is a senior at San Joaquin Memorial. She is just a freedom loving, God fearing America who is constantly feeling nostalgic for 2006-2011 Disney Channel. She probably eats too many potato chips on a regular basis and only wants love for all people.

DID YOU KNOW? Bryanna hates the sound of people “blowing raspberries” with their mouths. Just the thought of it gives her chills.

FEATURED AREA: Personal Narratives. 


WHO IS HE? Rocky Walker, 18, is a senior at Crescent View West. He is very passionate about the spread of knowledge. His hobbies include having existential crises, as well as bringing food into any situation possible.

DID YOU KNOW? Rocky has a condition called situs inversus, which basically means his internal organs are all sorts of flipped around.

FEATURED AREA: News & Photography.


WHO IS SHE? Jane, 18, is currently in school. Everyday is chaos with her and she is highly experienced with bad luck. You will likely always find her reading and listening to music or running after her son.

DID YOU KNOW? Jane is addicted to coffee & energy drinks.


WHO IS HE? Gabriel, 23, is currently a student at Fresno Adult School. He was raised in Fresno and has seen the stresses youth face to get ahead.

DID YOU KNOW? Gabriel has been training dogs for family and friends since his freshman year of high school when he finally convinced his family to take in a pitbull.

FEATURED AREA: News, Op Eds and Personal Narratives.


WHO IS SHE? Maya Vannini, 17, is new to The kNOw, but has been writing for upwards of five years. She’s usually being politically vocal on Twitter or binge watching Vice documentaries. She believes the best meme is the “henlo lizer” meme.

DID YOU KNOW? She makes facial expressions unknowingly when having a conversation in her head.

FEATURED AREA: Op Eds, Personal Narratives and News.

For more from Maya, you can follow her on Twitter @MayaPannini – on Instagram @Mayaa.jpg – or add her on Spanchat @MayaPannini

WHO IS HE?  Leo Loera, 23, Fresno Pacific University Alum.

DID YOU KNOW? Leo was interview by Buzzfeed. 

FEATURED AREA: Opinion Editorials.