WeConnect at Fresno Fairgrounds brought more than health care enrollment

Bike Repair

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Off The Front, a local biking community group, repaired attendees' bikes for free. This service was a preventative health resource, helping people have the means to stay active. (Photo: Kevin Shelton)

WeConnect, an event held on Feb. 9 at the Fresno Fairgrounds, helped people with health care enrollment and it was also a resource fair. Many families came out to the event to learn more about health care changes and get resources like tax preparation and flu shots.

“It is difficult for us to visit the doctor because we have to pay very high prices, the medicine is very expensive, and we don’t go to the doctor’s even though we’re sick because we can’t afford the medicines,” Yadira Giron said, explaining the reason why she came to the event.

Another attendee, Maria Susana Pardo, 59, said hard workers deserve to be covered. “I believe that we deserve health insurance because we are people who have come to this country with hope and we have worked hard for a long time,” she said.

When the people arrived at the fairgrounds they were given a small yellow paper with a map on it describing six main stations they had to go to and get the paper signed. There was free healthy food at the end of the event for those who completed their map. The free food bags consisted of fruits, vegetables, rice, cereal, beans and much more.

WeConnect had many things to offer other than health care aid, like free health screenings by doctors and dentists, people who were able to help prepare taxes and a place where you could take your bike and get it fixed. There was even something for the kids to enjoy while their parents got resources. Clifford the Big Red Dog and an area with crafts kept children entertained throughout the day. There was practically something for everyone that attended, no matter their age. Overall I thought it was a great and very helpful event and I was very glad to see many people come out and take advantage of the free help.

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