The Most Beautiful Sight I Have Ever Seen

Secluded Paradise
The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is a landscape of small comfortable cottages out in a prairie surrounded by mountains. I find this interesting because I can picture myself living in this wonderful place away from everyone and the city. This is my sanctuary because I can do what I want and no one will see.

Whenever I see this landscape, I can picture myself sitting in a rocking chair and just gazing toward the open field. Also, during the winter, I can build a snowman or go skiing in the mountains. This place is beautiful to me.
-Dasen, 18


Natural Beauty
Beauty is something I’ve been at odds with for a very long time now. My idea of beauty has changed.

One of the most beautiful people that I’ve seen was my former neighbor and classmate, Yee. I met her in the sixth grade, and she used to live just over the fence. At the time, she had permed her hair; her curls were mesmerizing. She was a lot shorter and thinner than me, but that didn’t take away from her looks. Her face had an oval shape, and she had a natural beauty mark above her lip. Oh, how I envied her beauty mark.

Her skin was light, and her slender eyes were a stunning shade of auburn. We both had to move away, but I saw her again when I changed high schools. To me, she looked exactly the same, only her style of dress had changed. She reminds me of the Japanese pop idol, Mika Nakashima, who has gotten rave reactions for her simple and fresh beauty. To this day, I have yet to find anyone else as pretty.
-Jaleesa, 20


Scenic Beauty
The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen would consist of several things. Most of them would be places I’ve never visited. The wonders of the world, including: the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon at sunset, the Taj Mahal at sunset, and the Pyramids of Giza. Now there are a few places I have been to and they would be on my list: a villa beach at sunset when you’re standing on the shore and the tide come in, splashing and caressing your feet and ankles. This adds a great effect to the view.

Another beautiful place is right here in Fresno. Hyde Park at nighttime. Hyde Park is directly across from Edison High School and during nighttime, the hills are pitch black. You can look up and see the stars. You can see all the constellations, and if you look around, you can see all the streetlights. It’s a very enjoyable experience.
-Kevis, 18


As That Of A Sunset
As if it were light reflecting off the surface of water,
a glance towards two olive green,
mesmerizing lights leading to
butter soft skin kissed by the skin,
into the eyes, gorgeous deep within the soul,
as empty and expansive as space itself,
to gaze deeply into them, as if
the sweet taste of honey injected
into one’s soul words of great nourishing
quality, yet intoxicating like the strongest of liquors,
left with a hangover of happiness as
pleasant sounds enter the heart and mind,
back to a caramel complexion with few hints
of a lighter shade in the days of old hair soft,
a smile that stops one’s mind to admire its beauty
as that of a sunset.
-Marcus, 19


My Family
Have you ever stared at Megan Fox and thought “Wow she’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” Or you saw Jennifer Lopez’s bottom and thought, “Wow that is just so darn beautiful!”

I have seen many beautiful faces, buildings, and sceneries, but the most wonderful beauty I have seen is my whole family getting along and laughing together. To me, it’s a breath-taking scenario. It is rare and it never seems to last that long. It doesn’t matter if I’m sad or mad because if just once I get to see my happy, laughing family, I’ll smile.

There are many arguments that occur in my family, but we’re learning to talk, not argue. I know my life will be filled with many wonders, such as friendships and love, but my family’s laughter will always make me happy in an instant.
-Victoria, 16


Love At Sunset
I was at the beach with my friend and her family. She and I watched her sister swimming while her mom and boyfriend were somewhere else. As the sun was about to set, I saw a couple holding hands walking next to the water. There was another couple sitting down in the sand kissing, so two couples doing something like that, it was like a movie. You couldn’t see their faces because the sun was setting, but it was the most sweetest, most beautiful thing I have seen.
-“Omar”, 18


Stop And Think
The most beautiful things I have ever seen are pregnant women and family gatherings because they truly are! They are so colorful and full of life. It’s weird, but I think women are angels when they are pregnant. They have the gift to give life.

The other most beautiful things I’ve seen are family gatherings and reunions. It’s beautiful for me because I can feel the warmth and comfort. It’s a beautiful sight to see lots of people gather and talk about life. It’s fun to see people laugh and joke around. The house comes alive and the door seems to slant into a smile. Many things are beautiful, we just have to stop, think, and cherish it.
-Angelina, 16

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